foldable mini desk elliptical with handle
A girl is reading a book while exercising on an Desk elliptical machine
desk elliptical with remote control have two modes-automatic and  manual
leg exerciser with LCD Digital monitor will track you workout progress
a girl can adjust the desk elliptical via phone
a women easily move the elliptical such as a suitcase
built in all -cropper motor yet low noise
compact under-desk elliptical for home use and office

    Under Desk Elliptical Machine with Extendable Handle Y5950

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      This Desk Elliptical Trainer helps you burn calories, used to keep your circulation and mobility going in a very gentle sports way.


      • Multi-Function Workout: Cater your workouts to fit your needs with 4 workout modes: HA, P1, P2, and P3. In P1/P2/P3 modes, the machine automatically operates according to preset programs, requiring no manual adjustments from you. However, if you prefer hands-on control, the HA mode allows you to adjust speed and direction manually.


      • Smart & Quiet Operation: The LCD provides real-time tracking of vital metrics like time, speed, count, and mode. For an enhanced workout experience, connect the YOUNGFIT Under-Desk Elliptical directly to the FITSHOW APP and use the included remote control for effortless operation.which keeps you from bonking your head to reach down to use it.

      • Easy Installation and Mobility: With 95% pre-installation, our YOUNGFIT Leg Exercise Machine is ready for a quick 15-minute setup. The telescoping handle and Built-in wheels make it very easy to move. As easy as moving a suitcase.


      • Low-Impact Exercise for All: Offering a low-impact but effective workout, this elliptical is suitable for all fitness levels and ages. It's easy on the joints, making it an ideal choice for daily physical activity. 

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      Model name: Y5950
      Input voltage: 110V/60Hz
      Item weight: 14KG
      Item Dimensions 10"D x 12"W x 10"H
      LCD Display: Speed+-, Mode, Start/Stop, Direction
      Functions: P1, P2, .P3, Mode H1-H3

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