A girl runs on a red super small under-desk treadmill, working
our treadmill's running belt is very wide
Smallest Walking Pad With Incline F0011
FUNMILY Smallest treadmill with 5% incline treadmill
The 2-in-1 under desk incline treadmill has two modes, the walking mode is 0.3-2.4mph, and the running mode is 2.5-4mph
 A mini walking pad with 7-layer high-tech anti-slip shock-absorbing running belt
A girl controls the speed of the mini treadmill with a remote control while watching TV
Two mini treadmills are placed in the living room. The light turns green when the speed is 0-3mph and turns blue when the speed is 3-4mph.
A girl runs on a blue super small under-desk treadmill, working
A girl runs on a black smallest under-desk treadmill, working

    Smallest Walking Pad With Incline F0011

    • Incline Treadmill: This walking pad treadmill features a 5% incline design, taking home/office workouts to the next level. Using an incline treadmill mimics uphill running or walking, enhancing your workout by burning more calories, increasing your heart rate, and strengthening your leg muscles. It's user-friendly, making it suitable for people at all fitness levels.
    • Compact & Lightweight Treadmill: FUNMILY's under-desk treadmill with incline is small and lightweight, measuring just 37"*22.4"*6.7". It's perfect for indoor workouts, no matter the weather or space constraints. You can easily fit it in your office, living room, or bedroom, or even in front of your adjustable standing desk. This compact treadmill for apartments comes fully assembled, no installation required!
    • 2.5HP Submerged Motor Design: The hidden 2.5HP motor ensures a stable and spacious running surface. The treadmill's structural design combines aesthetic appeal with enhanced stability. This under-desk treadmill can support up to 300lbs and offers speeds of up to 3.7 MPH at a maximum incline. You'll feel secure stepping onto the deck!
    • LED Display & Smart Remote Control: The mini treadmill's LED display allows you to monitor your speed, distance, time, steps, and calories burned. You can easily adjust the speed or stop the treadmill with the handy smart remote control. Plus, this walking pad features a unique lamp strip design, adding a fun element to your workout.
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